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Anna was a nice young lady…
[This is Anna]

[This is Anna on meth]… but 9 years of meth, the cops found Anna almost, but not quite, dead.

Meet Frank:
[This is what Frank use to look like]

Meet Franks after just five years of meth.
[This is what Frank looks like now]

Ahh…. Janet… Nice Janet- She just got busted with her “recreational” meth…
[This is Nice Janet]

Four years later, nice Janet would eat live cockroaches to score a baggie.

[This is not-so-nice Janet]

See Jane run!
[This is Nice Jane]

Run, Jane… run. Run from the cops, Jane. Run from your new “boy-friend”
that got you hooked. Run from your family, Jane, run from society, Jane.
Run to you new master, Yabba.

[Run, Jane Run!]

Good ol’ Jeremy! The apple of his Mum’s eye
[This is Jeremy]

Seven months later, Jeremy’s Mother wouldn’t know him. (By the way, Dad… He’s Jane’s new boy-briend”)
[This is what is left of Jeremy after seven months of harmless “recreational” yabba]

Hiya Sally!
[Say “Hi” to Sally!]

18 Months of meth later, say “Bye, Bye, Sally.”
[Bye, bye, Sally]

Martha, Happy Martha!
[Say “Hi” to Martha, while you have a chance!]

Three miserable meth-years later, Martha wishes she never heard the word “Yabba.”
[Crash and burn, Martha]

Ya think it takes YEARS to look like this after meth? George will tell you different. Here is George:
[Good ol’ George]
Here is George in eight WEEKS of meth.
[Poor ol’ George]

It’s real folks. It kills the man, it kills the body, it kills the soul.

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